Thank you for your interest in our office.

         We offer you legal advisory services and legal representation in different fields. Learn more about our organisation as well as the advocacy areas that we are specialised in.

         ABASTOS ABOGADOS, S.L.P. is a professional corporation of lawyers that dates back to the group activity of the lawyers that have made it up since 1995. Our head offices are in Valencia, in the Abastos neighbourhood, hence the name of the company.

         The advocacy model that we uphold is one that places most importance on personal relationships with clients; we focus on our clients needs and provide a complete solution to their legal cases.

         Our firm takes a proactive approach. Our aim is to help clients to plan and develop their activities safely, by providing legal advice that will minimise risk and resolve problems quickly.

         We accompany clients; we advise and counsel them until their needs are addresses, resolving uncertainties that may arise from institutional and policy implementation.

         During the conflict-solving process, we apply deliberation, bargaining and mediation techniques, trying to bring the sides closer together to find the best solution for the case, only resorting to legal action as a final option.

         All the activity of the office is geared towards meeting the client’s needs. Each one of our clients knows their lawyers and each one of our lawyers knows our clients. We want clients to feel comfortable and acknowledged, so we endeavour to build a climate of trust. We strive to have the best possible knowledge of each client’s case, to guarantee an outcome that is in the client's interest.